Elaine has only been able to persue her art seriously for the past ten years since arriving in the Land 'o Lakes area north of Kingston, Ontario; a varied, rustic terrain of Canadian Shield rock, many lakes and deep forests.

Her landscapes are inspired by her love of nature and it's hard for her to look at a truly beautiful scene of water and sky without mentally composing it on canvas. Depicting the rich cultural heritage of the area is also of great interest to Elaine

Her style is constantly changing as she experiments with new techniques but it tends towards the realistic, most espcially in her portraits of people, animals, and the rustic, weathered remnants of human habitation that dot the landscape.

She favours painting in acrylic for its versatility, highly useful when depicting sharp ends of rock, the textures of tree bark and the soft fluidity of water and sky.

Member of the Rideau Lakes Artists Association, the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve and the Kingston Field Naturalists.